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If you use words — whether when writing as an author or marketing a business as an entrepreneur — those words must tell a compelling story.

But far too many books and websites aren’t telling compelling stories. Because of that, those authors and businesses are struggling to stand out from the noise of the market.

Businesses and brands


Confusing and irrelevant marketing fails to make a dent on your audience


Unclear copy leaves would-be buyers clueless about the value you offer


Do customers understand your message?



Lack of structure in your story causes the manuscript to meander

Inconsistent tone, characterization, dialogue, and facts ruin a great yarn

Repetitive or inelegant language leaves readers yawning (or worse...)

Make your story irresistible by making your words stand out.

Message Fundamentals

Using the principles of successful story-driven marketing, we will hone in your marketing message on your audience, their problems, and the value you deliver.

Website Copy

Whatever your story, no matter how complex your offering, we will create development-ready website wireframes that convince customers quickly.

Longform Editing

I help both fiction and nonfiction authors not only tell amazing stories with alluring words, but also how to solidify structure, pacing, characterization, dialogue, and more.

Quill & Lens helps you define your story precisely and write it beautifully.


Words are my passion, storytelling is my superpower, and you are my focus.

My name is Chris Bourland and I’ve loved words since before my memories begin. Seriously. That’s me in that picture to the left, probably about a year-or-so old. I didn’t have a clue what the funny, squiggly shapes on the page meant, but I was drawn to them anyway.

Today, I still love words, and I especially love using them to tell your story. (That’s me today on the right, by the way.) Working with authors and businesses alike is an honor because I love helping both to discover the perfect message and the most useful words for transmitting that message.

When you and I work together, you’ll be taking advantage of more than 5 years of experience as a writer, editor, and marketing messaging expert. Yes, marketing! Because the best marketing uses age-old storytelling techniques to quickly compel an audience’s attention. That experience, combined with a trained eye for detail, will help you tell a great story and nail your words.

Working together is super simple.


Let's Talk

All the best partnerships begin with a conversation. We’ll discuss where you are and where you want to go from here.

Let's write

From new marketing messages and website copy to line-by-line developmental editing for authors, you and I will master your words.

Let's go!

With your story fortified and words honed to diamond-sharp precision, you can put your story out in the world with confidence!

When your story is clear, your audience is convinced.

Whether you’re running a business or writing a book, the details of your words will make the difference between “confusing” and “compelling.” Let’s compel attention together.


“Chris delivers no-drama, kick-ass copy that I hardly ever get revisions from customers on. He is a copywriter I’ve hired multiple times and will continue to keep Chris on my short list of copywriters. “

Mitch Alverson

CEO / B3 Advisors
josh brammer head shot

“Chris is indispensable to have on your marketing shortlist. He is a fantastic writer and has been crucial to nailing our message. Even if you are brand new to StoryBrand or have been in marketing for years, Chris knows how to make sure your message gets heard.”

Josh Brammer

Agency Owner
bren eifler

“I needed someone who could write powerful sales copy, so I reached out to Chris. I had heard about his writing skills from several people. He is truly an excellent copywriter and an amazing person to work with. I look forward to our next project.”

Bren Eifler

Sr. Developer

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