Tell them who you are.


Your marketing matters. Without a direct, powerful message, your organization will never reach its full potential. Quill & Lens crafts crystal clear messages, and matches that with marketing copy your customers will love.




Do your words work?


Do customers understand your message?

Does your website turn browsers into buyers?

Do you have a content strategy for the future?

Market yourself with a message customers love.

Write a compelling website. Plan sales funnels and on-going content.

So you can grow your business.

Quill and Lens offers:

Messaging Foundations

It all starts right here. Your message must be strong, but crystal-clear. Together, we'll explore your brand's story, and tell it in a way customers are eager to hear.

Website Wireframes

With your message in hand, it's time to craft a website that users can't ignore. The precision and power of your words will turn your site into a sales force of its own.

On-going Content

Keep producing long-form content, such as blogs, case studies, and articles, to help your brand stay top-of-mind. With a concrete strategy, your content will make an excellent brand ambassador.


Your message matters to me.

I understand how you feel. Marketing a growing company is difficult. How can you make time, when there are so many other important demands? How do you know what message to use, what strategy to follow, what words to choose? Is there even a point to marketing yourself?

The answer is YES. Quill & Lens exists to help growing companies find the right message and say it loudly and clearly. In more than five years, I’ve helped dozens of clients do exactly that. Let me focus on the words, while you focus on growing your business.

– Chris Bourland, President & Writer, Quill & Lens

You’re busy. We get it. Working with Quill & Lens is a snap.


Let's Talk

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I Write

Whether you seek on-going content, a rewritten website, or a fresh new message, Quill & Lens will help you build it.

You Grow

When you speak clearly about things your customers want to hear about, your words do the work for you.

StoryBrand Certified Guide since April 2018

By using the elements of successful storytellers, the StoryBrand framework helps create marketing that works.

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CLEAR messaging that makes sense to customers and brings them into your story.



SIMPLE copy that is easy to understand, based on a powerful message, and that carries your voice.


COMPELLING words that customers enjoy, and that make them want to do business with you.


“Chris delivers no-drama, kick-ass copy that I hardly ever get revisions from customers on. He is a copywriter I’ve hired multiple times and will continue to keep Chris on my short list of copywriters. “

Mitch Alverson

CEO / B3 Advisors
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“Chris is indispensable to have on your marketing shortlist. He is a fantastic writer and has been crucial to nailing our message. Even if you are brand new to StoryBrand or have been in marketing for years, Chris knows how to make sure your message gets heard.”

Josh Brammer

Agency Owner
bren eifler

“I needed someone who could write powerful sales copy, so I reached out to Chris. I had heard about his writing skills from several people. He is truly an excellent copywriter and an amazing person to work with. I look forward to our next project.”

Bren Eifler

Sr. Developer