Spiral Out, pt. II

I love names, and titles. Names of people and places, titles of books and movies and music. In fact, I bet one of the fun things about this blog is going to be titling everything. Hell, I might just do a post that’s nothing but some of my favorite titles. 

The first title I had to think of, naturally, was the blog’s title. In this case, Spiral Out. Honestly, I’ve always had a brain subroutine running a constant analysis of every word, word combo, phrase, reference, or previously-written title, forever searching for something cool to use as a title for… something.

But this title surprised me. It was one of those things that came out of nowhere, almost reflexively. Like, “Of course this should be my blog title. Why did I ever think it would be anything else?”

So I’ll tell you why.

First of all, if it came from that title-seeking subroutine, what category does it fit into? In this case, it’s a reference. It feels sorta obscure, but sorta-not. If you know heavy metal, you may already have twigged to what I’m trying to do here. 

The reference is to a song lyric. The song is called “Lateralus,” and it’s by a band named Tool. Now, if you’re reading these posts from the beginning, you may remember I just put up a post referencing a Tool song. Well, this one is different. Somehow, it feels a little more appropriate to what this blog hopes to accomplish.

The easiest way to explain is to simply print the lyric:

With my feet upon the ground

I lose myself between the sounds

And open wide to suck it in

I feel it move across my skin

I’m reaching up and reaching out

I’m reaching for the random or

Whatever will bewilder me

Whatever will bewilder me

And following our will and wind

We may just go where no one’s been

We’ll ride the spiral to the end

And may just go where no one’s been

Spiral out, keep going

Spiral out, keep going

Discovery. Pushing boundaries. Embracing uncertainty, living with fear, and loving every minute of it. It’s about all those grand things, certainly. But it’s also about something much simpler:

Just keep going.

Keep going up and out, keep spiraling away from where you started. And not because where you started–the origin of your spiral–is somehow bad. Rather, it’s incomplete. You are incomplete at your origin point. The only way to become more complete is by allowing yourself to be added to, subtracted from, and hammered into shape by the existence that surrounds you. In other words, there are things you need out there, things you can’t find by staying at the origin.

So keep going. Keep pushing at small boundaries, and keep searching for those awesome moments of discovery. Keep allowing yourself to float freely in a chaotic ocean, uncertain, even afraid, but never stopping. Keep going. Stay in the water, let it move around you. Embrace the currents and eddies, and love the feel of vague warmth all around you.

I want to live like that: eyes open, but ready; afraid, but constant; willing, but smart; experienced, but raw. 

I want to keep going. I want to spiral out.