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Stop wasting time and money, and don't be surprised by nasty letters from the government
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it's the end of the year. do you know where your business is?

Hi there. I’m Chris Bourland, Guide from April 2018, and owner of Quill & Lens. I know how confusing and crazy this time of year can be. Hectic schedules, holidays galore, and questions about your business year.

Questions like:

  • How much money did I make?
  • How much do I owe in taxes?
  • Should I pay myself a salary?
  • Why am I paying my bookkeeper/accountant so much?
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for next year?

If you’ve found yourself glazing over during conversations with your accountant, or if you’ve stayed up late reading nonsensical instructions from the IRS, or if you have burning questions about your business, your money, and your taxes, then I want to help you.

On Monday, December 16 at 10:30 AM Central, Quill & Lens will be hosting a FREE webinar where we will be discussing some of these basic items, answering your questions, and helping you feel more knowledgeable about and confident in your business.

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3 things every guide should know


Spend less time on your books, more time on your business.


Don’t pay more to Uncle Sam, or your accountant.


Protect yourself from nasty government letters.

who the heck are we?

That’s me, Chris, on your right. My father, Brent Bourland, is on your left. Together, we own Quill & Lens. He has a background in chemistry, education, and sales. I have a background in English, writing, and marketing.

And we were/are both bookkeepers, each with more than a decade of experience!

A few fellow Guides know about my time in an accounting office, and I’ve been getting some questions from them about their books, taxes, and the end of the year. I decided it would be a service on the part of Quill & Lens to offer our collective knowledge and experience as bookkeepers.

We know that you’re a marketer, not an accountant. That’s why we want to offer this time to answer some common questions, clear up some common issues, and be of help to you. Sign up today for our webinar on Monday, December 16 at 10:30 AM Central!


Countdown to Webinar!