Make all the marketing content you write more valuable.


The Copy Lens is a 90-minute 1-on-1 session of dedicated, focused editing and revising. Bring your draft, we’ll polish it together, and your clients will sing your praises louder than ever!

It’s your own, personal #peerfeedback channel!




What is The Copy Lens?

The Copy Lens is a 90-minute 1-on-1 Zoom session starring you, me, and your copy. In that time, we will dive into and perfect any kind of copy you’re producing.

Wireframes, emails, lead generators, articles, scripts, flyers, airplane banners… Whatever you’ve got, bring it to The Copy Lens!

For just $349, you get live editing, feedback you can use, and coaching that improves all your future copy.

Take your copy from dull to DAMN! in just three four easy steps!

Reserve your spot

Click the link to go to The Copy Lens sign-up form. Fill it out, and reserve your spot on the calendar. Pick a meeting time 24-48 hours before your deadline.

Write your draft

Draft your copy. You will get an email from me with instructions on how to share your draft, along with any messaging foundation documents, before our session.

Visit The Copy Lens

Share your draft with me at least 24 hours before we meet. Then, we’ll work together to strengthen your copy and supercharge the value your clients receive.

Rock your client's world

More wins for your clients means more wins for you. You’ll have more confidence and accountability, and can apply tips from The Copy Lens to everything new you produce.

Who am I, anyway?

I’m Chris Bourland, StoryBrand Certified Guide since April 2018. I write, edit, and polish killer copy for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Every great writer has a great editor. When your words have passed through two sets of StoryBrand Certified eyes, they will be more crisp, more clear, and more effective. Iron sharpening iron.

The Copy Lens is your personal word sharpener. This service is exclusively offered to StoryBrand Guides and Business Made Simple Coaches. In just 90 minutes, you and I can evaluate, edit, and enhance any kind of copy. You’ll deliver more value, with more confidence, and feel good knowing two great writers have sweated over every word.


What does The Copy Lens cost?

The Copy Lens costs $349 for a live, personalized 90-minute session. Compare that to upwards of $400 for simple revisions on a single wireframe.

You can easily pass that $349 on to your client — and mark it up — by advertising your work as the product of not one, but two StoryBrand Certified Guides.

What should I have prepared for our session?

The Copy Lens is designed to offer feedback and editing on in-progress drafts. Whether you’re about to present your copy for the first time, or you’re working on the second round of revisions, bring your draft to The Copy Lens.

You must share a copy of your draft with me at least 24 hours before our session. If your draft is ready now, link or attach it with the form on this page. Otherwise, you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your draft.

If your draft is not ready at least 24 hours before our session, it will be necessary to reschedule. If you do not reschedule, no refunds will be given.

Should I bring anything besides my copy?

Yes, if you have a BrandScript, one-liner, elevator pitch, or any other fundamental messaging materials, please attach links or copies to the sign-up form.

What if I need more than 90 minutes?

For editing and revising your drafts, 90 minutes should easily accommodate any one deliverable in the sales funnel (homepage wireframe, lead gen, email campaign, etc.). If you have a larger project, or are interested in editing for multiple deliverables, please describe the project in the contact form below. I offer bespoke editing services to accommodate more extensive needs.

Do you offer other editing/coaching/writing services?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in a white label partnership, or a “Done-With-You” arrangement, please just ask! I white label regularly for SB Guides and BMS Coaches, and I love working side-by-side with y’all! Mention your thoughts in the contact form, or reach out to me directly at