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How much time do you waste on copy? Does it feel like writing is taking away from sales, strategy, project management, and client relations? Do you wish you had a writer you could trust using a system you believe in? Vision:2020 is that system, and I am that writer. Leave the copy to me so you can get back to growing your business, closing more sales, and being the best StoryBrand Guide you can be.

Website Wireframes

Transform your client’s messaging into a clear, powerful wireframe. Quill & Lens wireframes are designer-friendly and SB Guide approved.



  • Recommened Price to Client: $2,500
  • Quill & Lens Charges: $2,000
  • Your Profit: $500

Email Campaigns

Create StoryBrand email campaigns that take customers from “Just shopping,” to “I want to buy right now!”



  • Recommended Price to Client: $3,000
  • Quill & Lens Charges: $2,500
  • Your Profit: $500

lead generators

Start building your client’s email lists with made-from-scratch lead generators by Quill & Lens.







  • Recommended Price to Client: $2,500
  • Quill & Lens Charges: $2,000
  • Your Profit: $500

blogs & content

Help your clients establish their brand and their authority by regularly publishing great content. Awesome for SEO, too.




  • Starting at $300 for blogs

The Quill & Lens Plan for Vision:2020

tell me what you need

i write the words

you do what you love

Curt Stockwell - StoryBrand Guide

“We’ve worked with Chris on BrandScripts and wireframes for many clients in many industries. He captures StoryBrand principles well and delivers wireframes that are clear and easy to work with. We’ve loved having Chris in our corner!”

Bren Eifler - StoryBrand Guide

“I needed someone who could write powerful sales copy, so I reached out to Chris. I had heard about his writing skills from several people. He is truly an excellent copywriter and an amazing person to work with. I look forward to our next project.”

Josh Brammer - StoryBrand Guide

“Chris is indispensable to have on your marketing shortlist. He’s a fantastic writer and has been crucial to nailing our message. Even if you are brand new to StoryBrand or have been in marketing for years, Chris knows how to make sure your message gets heard.”

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